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How to Form Safe & Effective Combos

Have you ever found yourself shadowboxing or hitting the heavybag, but you’re just throwing punches without any rhyme or reason? Hundreds of punches, yet no defense or intentional angling? Sure, that will give you a good workout, but if you want to know to form safe, effective combinations, you must follow this formula:

  1. Entry
  2. In-Fighting
  3. Exit


Your entry is how to get close enough to hit your opponent. Think about when two boxers square up with each other. They never stand within arms reach -- they stand just outside of their longest ranged attack (the jab in boxing).


Once you're close enough to land strikes, that's where in-fighting takes place. This could be a single shot, or letting the hands go.


The exit strategy is often over-looked and rarely practiced enough. You have to assume that after you land your shots, your opponent is going to counter -- well your exit is your way of preventing their counter from landing!


The "mosquito" strategy is one that I teach to my students. It's the concept of combining the 3 above movements on repeat. Imagine what it's like when you're camping and you get bit by a mosquito -- you go to smack it and it's gone... only to bite you somewhere else. 

You want to be a mosquito in the ring, constantly stinging your opponent and when they go to swat you: you're gone.

Like the great Coach K of CSA GYM preaches: be first, be last, be gone.